Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I am off work presently, sick. Or, sick and tired would be more apt.

Been to Aberdeen to launch the wee book - the reading went really well and people didn't file out of the door smirking and pointing afterwards, they buzzed around asking me to sign copies. I felt like JK Rowling, but fatter and a bit drunk. Wore Fletty's bowler hat for the rest of the night, danced with a sexy scot/german hybrid bloke, and nicked peoples chips. Went slightly mad with no sleep for 48 hours, apart from a snatched hour on a stolen bed, met a taxi driver that looked like a composite of every baddy in Taggart that was ever cast, and had a thoroughly fantastic time.
The low hit on the first day back, and I took LTK's suggestion of some time off.
Will use it wisely.
(Looking for a job, and not blogging.)

Dinner tonight with an old, old, old friend that I haven't seen for 21 years. Can't wait.

Me, drunk in Abers with bowler.

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ivoryfishbone said...

you were fab ... and that bowler is terrific ...