Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And this, I know to be true 

You are so beautiful, it makes me ache. I think that you might be starting to believe that it is true. Despite me telling you for years, you at last are beginning to realise that it is not simply a mother's biased love that makes me state this fact endlessly. You are not only beautiful, you are graceful, kind, funny and clever. You know what to do with an apostrophe, but more importantly, you do not sneer at people who don't. I actually have never heard you sneer or belittle anybody, and for this, I am immensely proud. There are many who could learn from you. You see beauty in many things, the value of people. Now look at  yourself. And thank you for my delicious and fabulous cake. You are clearly talented on top of this. Now let the rest of the world see who you are, mankind needs more people like you, shining among the grit.

You also are beautiful. You are 14, with the face of an angel, your expression a mixture of sulk and barely concealed amusement. To you, I say this - do not strive to be what you think the world wants you to be. I have seen you from the moment you were born, raging at the world. The world, needs raging at. You are clever, so clever. Do not cry when you and your boyfriend argue, do not miss him because he made you feel special. You are special, and he is lucky to be with you. Really, you are the best girl he will ever date, and in the future, he will look in the newspapers at the scientist/politician, writer called Wibs, and rue the date that you both agreed to call it a day. 

Don't put up with it when your friends treat you badly. You don't deserve it. You are good, and noble, and you have the craziest sense of humour. These things will carry you a long way. When your friends call you mental, tell them to fuck off, and carry on without them, it will be their loss. You appreciate that not everything has to be worthy to be appreciated, and my goodness, you appreciate life, biting off huge chunks of it. Hormones are hideous things, don't worry, being 11 doesn't last for ever, and you will emerge the other side, just as precious as you have been for the last 10 years. Think of the uncertainty of being 11,  as a blip. Carry on covering your bedroom carpet with glitter, it doesn't matter. Vacuum cleaners are over rated anyway. Incidentally, you are also beautiful, but don't stop pulling hideous faces to make people laugh.