Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Chat Room

Mum - You know that pub in (your village), The Angel?

Pesk - Yes...?

Mum - Geoff was telling me, there's a conversation order on it.

Pesk - I'm lost for words.


feathers said...

yes...and... they are going to talk about what they plan to do. Sheesh! Don't you talk 'mam'. I had years of practice...
I'm going to sit here now and think of all my funny mumisms.
Hope you are well!
oh and by the way... doing the word verification is like trying to pass an o-level with out much studying. Couln't they make it a little easier!

Anonymous said...

My Dad does that all the time now since his last stroke, I tried correcting him but he's having none of it, he's 'always right'

Pesk said...

Feathers - yes, I'm well - Elle has the lurgy, but I've locked her away so I dont have to look.
Chippy - I work with stroke patients - can you imagine the conversations we have?

Milly Toast said...

A local pub here actually did have a 'conversation order'. I thought everyone was very well behaved and had noted that there was no swearing at all. As a Londoner I found this hard to get used to. When I asked about it however, I was told by the pub clientele that if anyone even thought about swearing the landlord would come into the room and look sternly around at each person and then leave again. That landlord was pretty scary but he certainly did have the customers in order!

feathers said...

Hello! Are you hibernating somewhere nice?