Friday, October 26, 2007

Boom Boom.

(Afternoon break at the hospital, Pesk and Debs are drinking coffee.)

Pesk - I had a patient in this morning, lifted up her blouse, and all around her middle she had this band of crusty yellowish scabs.

Debs - Ewwww!

Pesk - Yes, ewww! I said, have you seen the doctor with that? I reckon you've got pringles!

Debs - Pringles? (pause) Is that like shingles?

Pesk (waiting)

Debs (blank)

Pesk - (waiting)

Debs - (blank)

Debs - Is that a joke then?

Pesk - Yes.

Debs - Oh! Ha. Ha. Pringles! Shingles! You got me there.


Pesk - Did you know that the word gullible isn't in the dictionary?

Debs - Is it not? Wow!

Pesk - Actually it is...

Debs - Oh. Oh... Is that another joke?

Pesk - Yes.

Debs - I don't get it.

Pesk - Is that the time already?


archie FCD said...

I hate having to explain my puns as well! Although in my case they are often much more obscure and tortured :)

daffy said...

I loved this! Cracked me up. I was feeling a bit isolated... (hubby fishing, daughter socialising, son probably snogging his bird) so thanks for the pick me up!
*goes off to look up gullable. :o)

nursemyra said...

please tell me that debs is not a nurse