Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Old Prune

Today will mark my fourth day in a row, pruning the runners off the strawberries that grow on the tabletops by the farm shop that I work at during the summer months. I cannot tell you how cold it is there - coast road, November. The next person I overhear in Tescos remarking on the unseasonal warmth with feel the wrath of my secateurs I can tell you.
The day before yesterday, severely berating Wibs for leaving her art book at her dads, I managed to leave the house without my coat or my wellies (flip flops are not ideal in wet mud). Luckily my dad came up trumps with a pair of workboots and a rather fetching lime green anorak (with oil stains) so I didn't freeze to death. (It was hard to see where I should be pruning mind, with the paper bag I wore in case anyone drove past and recognised me). Yesterday I managed to trump even that, grabbing the wrong kagoul as I legged it out of the house, I ended up pruning in a kagoul aged 10-11, with a 32" chest. At 2.30 I had to leave, what with the pins and needles taking over my whole torso.
No lav either in the field... imagine me, arms straight out either side because of massive jumper (and baps) stuffed into said kagoul, bent double, running along the plants making very fast very tiny baby steps to get to the car (and find a lav) before I peed myself.

On Friday, I have an interview. At a school no less, teaching English. Please, please God I will be successful, and I can finally get out of the part time farm/part time medical work that I've been doing for the last few months. Fingers crossed. And legs again today no doubt.


daffy said...

My bladder is not what it used to be. I find that where once upon a time it would nudge me gently telling me a wee would be a good idea... now it screams hysterically in the first instance! *sighs*
I was so proud I got into my daughter t-shirt the other day ager 12-13... however, like yourself baps aplenty were squashed flat to the body giving a rather pigeon proud look! :o)
Good luck my dear. Good vibes coming your way... xxxx

archie FCD said...

Yep, good luck with the teaching - I am teaching one day a week in our maximum security prison - teaching basic computer use to actual, dangerous illiterates. Whoo hoooo.

Chippy said...

Best of luck with the interview, the mental picture of you in that top and trying not to wet yourself made me smile!