Tuesday, June 10, 2008


That's me, blowing off the cobwebs.

So, what's happened? Resigned. Retracted. Resigned. Got new job (NHS blood and transplant thanks for asking), applied to do a further degree in nursing, got accepted, got called to the loony test twice (and finally passed, go figure). Went to Prague, came home. Ooh, life is strange. Change is afoot...


Flighty said...

Hello, it's always nice to see someone return to blogging!
You've been busy I see, which is no excuse really!
Take care! xx

Caz said...

Hi L.,
Again we didn't speak for a long time! My computer crashed and I lost your email adress. Now I've found your blog and it really made me laugh like old times! Especially the one of the rat!
Lots of love, Caz (Holland)