Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Adequate Warning

Beware, for I will take him.
There will be no fight;
he will come to me
willing though wary
As child to stranger. He will come.

The nearer to me he gets
the faster you will vanish.
Your shared history
your acres of secret smiles
I am afraid to say,
will count for nothing.

I will scent my body and I will
bring him in with my eyes
while you keep looking the other way.
I shall create fresh memories.

I strongly suspect that you
will barely witness the vanishing.
I shall suck away his skin
and when I am through
you may take him back.

He will be as bones.

You will consider this a gift.


Anniebee said...

Talk about a woman on a mission!

Pesk said...

yep, there are women like that out there...

serb said...


archiearchive said...

WHOA! What a powerful piece. Man as mere trophy.


Pesk said...

Thanks Archie, I'm glad you liked it. I always found when I read in performance it had a strange effect. The men became shifty and avoided eye contact, and their partners stared hard at them, and then at me.

Me! I'm innocent, me

:o) x

Anonymous said...

It's not just other women who can do this- there are many things which can take a man away like that.

I would say that man is an even lower rung than a trophy in this piece- I mean, who would return a trophy once it's been all used up? I'd think that "she" would keep a trophy and show it off with pride- "she" doesn't even have any pride in her "Achievement"

Pesk said...

I would agree to some extent. I think the woman has pride in it, but not perhaps an achievement that she would boast of. Not nice is it?

Scarlett said...

yeah i had chills baby...