Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Turning Back Time

Apologies for the lack of entries (if anyone cares). I've been slogging away at an essay which proved to be the most difficult thing I have written in many a year. It appears that after an extended holiday, I returned to find that my academic ability now resembles that of a five year old Patagonian child. Who has sesquipedalophobia. Not great in academic, medical essays. So, for the last three weeks I have been onto it. Or, supposedly onto it, but avoiding it like mad. By cleaning the house top to bottom, writing letters of complaint to Kellogs (don't ask), sorting a winter wardrobe, playing bejewelled, walking the now pawsore dog,  browsing book and junk shops and sleeping. I even decorated a room. There's avoidance. I have distanced myself from friends, failed to pay bills. answer the phone, open MSword.
Yesterday was the deadline, and by ten pm Sunday, it was done. Dreadful, dreadful essay. I am embarrassed by it, and console myself with the fact that it's worth little in the credit accumulation. Bleurgh.

Caz, I'm onto that mail, with pictures.
Hants, I'm onto you too.

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daffy said...

I don't know what made me take a look at old platform 27 today but there you are!
How are you my dear? You seem to be having a bit of a time of it at the moment.
Now I've rediscovered you I'll keep popping in to say hi!
Kellogs can be evil!
sesquipedalophobia can be pretty awful!
Oh, you might not know who daffy is! It's Snowdrop... or Feathers as was from long times ago! :o)
Drop by and say hi whenever you like!