Sunday, November 28, 2010


.. as the kids say. My Christmas hamper sized pack of Haribo is all gone, finished my book (Patrick Suskind's Perfume - words cannot describle how difficult, and enjoyable, this book was for me) and (yes, I'm such a Brit, I must mention the weather) - it's fucking freezing. Not even December, and it's doing the deep and crisp and even nonsense out there. 
In other news,things occupying my mind are ...

1. The Machinist. Probably the best film I have ever seen.
2. Why are men such a bunch of personality disordered areseholes
3. Haribo, and how to eat it without getting fat(ter).
4. How to dismantle a pomegranate correctly.


Anonymous said...

Items 1 and 3 are complicated so I shall make no comment.
Item 2; Because of the footballs which keep hitting our heads and scrambling our brains.
Item 4; When you find out - please let me know. Urgently!

In other news, the weather is changeable, the Ashes are being held by the English and I'm Grinching all over the place.

Jenny said...

2. Oh. I thought only my husband had the degree of personality disorder inspiring this kind of comment. He jabs at me for having had MDD and anxiety; I reply, "Yeah, but there's no fucking pill for personality disorder, asshole."