Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sing Sultanas, Sing Sultanas to the King of Kings

Pesk - anyone want a slice of cake?
Wibs - yes please.
Bonny - has it got hosannas in it?
Pesk - ?
Bonny - hosannas, does it have hosannas in it?
Wibs - it's lemon cake.
Bonny - yes please then.
Pesk - ?
Wibs - she means sultanas.
Bonny - yep.

It's a parallel universe in here, I'm sure of it.


Anonymous said...

Haha... nondescript van and those jackets that lace up round the back at the ready....

Mas. said...

Oh for a naboona hosannas and raiden cake; topped with grassy bear knees; and dribbled over with Oldham syrup...


Pesk said...

chips - she is quite the nutter it's true. Makes me laugh.

mas - i've got it all (i'm used to bonny speak) except grassy bear knees..?

Mas. said...

grassy bear knees = glacé cherries

I know.. a bit of a tenuous one that but :-)

reminds me of the old upside down cakes we'd have.

Pesk said...