Thursday, March 29, 2007

Moving Out

The Time is ripe, and rotten ripe, for change;
Then let it come ...

I deliberately moved away from my last blogging community. I do this, if not a lot, then perhaps more than most. I have been a 20sixer (for a very short time, the spam drove me away) and a platform27er, (the endless loveydovey matching twinned blogs drove me away from there). I have blogged on backside books' (see below) website, the nutty woman who owned that saw me off. So here I am again, moved back to blogspot. This is one I've had since April 12th 2004 - though the original posts have gone. The posts from then were moaning and sweary, much in the same vein as the one's I'm posting now. So, although I have moved ON in a way, I obviously haven't really moved on at all. At least, so my a little-bit-buddhist friend would say. She let me moan at her for 33 minutes tonight, as I wallowed in both the bath and my own misery. Been having a really crappy time at work recently. Yesterday it came to a pus filled pinnacle and I lost my temper with one of my bosses. I have three and would like to shoot two. My friend would be perfectly justified in yelling "get a GRIP" at me sometimes, but she never does. She laughs in the right places, makes soothing "oh Darl, they are vile" murmurs in other places, and generally makes me feel better.
She is the soothing balm to the whinging twat.
Anyway, best news - a phone call yesterday to tell me that I have an interview for a New Job. How thrilling.
New books today -Walter Greenwood's Love on the Dole (how ironic after castigating Backside Books for having an ancient reading list for their Radical Reading Group, that I buy a book originally published in 1933), and C.A. Brkic's The Stone Fields. And now, I'm off to bed with one of them. Which will make me sleep best, a tale of grinding poverty or a tale of mass grave excavation?


feathers said...

Now then you whinging twat! hehe only joking. ;o) Bed! It's too early. What kind of party animal are you! Having said that I am a cup of hot chocolate away from it too!
I'm not a good reader Daisy, I start loads and finish very few. I'm reading Edgar Alla Poe, TALES at the moment and to be honest it's creeping me out a bit but I am determined to stick with it. The other book I got was 'Diets to help IBS'... hehe now there is a good bedtime read! (not for me by the way!) Anyway good luck with the job interview! I have had a similar crappy time at work too lately but *touch wood* it seems to be ok at the moment.... time will tell!
Have a good weekend!

Daisy Chain said...

It was quite late for me when I posted that, about half elevenish i think. Why does blogger say its always 1.31pm? Weird. Mind you, if i could get away with going to bed at half one in the afternoon, i would. A cuppa, a good book and headphones with some jeff buckley piping through. Bliss.