Sunday, April 01, 2007


Olya sent me a message this morning which landed straight to my bulk folder, entitled "Privet!" As I spent all day yesterday erecting a fence of chicken wire with which to keep my puppy in (due to my neighbour insisting on a boundry marker of privet rather than wire) if I never see any small green leaves attached to stubby stabby twiglet style branchy bits again, I shall be very glad. I certainly don't want to purchase any more privet Olya.
I also got a link to pictures of Britiney Speers. Who is she I wonder. A Canadian pharmacy thinks I will be interested in D0ct0r Gay, whilst M3dh3lp think that dr. maryellen will make me rush to open the mail. I'll pass. Another says, Don't like Cricket? Don't open this then Pesk. The fact that this mentions me by name is intriguing. But, they're absolutely right, I don't like cricket, so I shan't open. Otherwise I'm sure I'd rush to have a look. Bastids.

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