Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Look at this, the cheeky little feck. The girls' sunflowers aren't even out of their seed tray yet, and he's managed to climb three feet up the greenhouse staging, march across the gridded shelf, shuck off the protective cover and start gorging.

Honestly. Worse, he's right in the middle like the cocky arse he is. I knew I should've put him in the bin when I caught him trying to bungee off the doorbell the other week.

Scaring away visitors is sometimes a good thing.


Chippy said...

Should be 'Gastropod' lightly stir fried in garlic butter I believe is best... LOL

Pesk said...

I know, but this one is definitely a Bastropod!
Bring the chip pan round. I have garlic.

Chippy said...

Lets wait until he's a bit bigger then eat him....LOL