Monday, June 04, 2007

God is Good.

Nah, haven't been converted. Though sometimes, something happens which could almost make me a believer.
Last night, I dreamed that I went camping. With Johnny Depp. And one sleeping bag. One.

Oh, and I lost weight. Not in the dream, (though I must've burned at least half a stone on that overnight trip, and there weren't any long hikes either fnaar), but at Fat Club.


Tracey said...

I wonder if you burned off a bit whilst in the sleeping bag with Johhny Depp?
I've lost weight too. I look like one of those kids who gets all of her brothers hand me downs... :o)
New wardrobe then!

nagnagnag said...

Filth. Just... FILTH!

Pesk said...

tracey - you be careful, you cant afford to lose too much.
Nags - you have noooo idea. I'm praying for a rematch when i nod off tonight.