Friday, June 29, 2007

Make it Happen Someone?

Back at work, to discover that in my absence they have subsumed my job and thus cut my hours in half. I now no longer qualify for tax credits, and am really stuck as to what to do. It can't be legal to do this I suspect, but I feel that I have no fight whatsoever to take them on with. Oh, and I only received SSP for the time I was off. Cheers guys, really appreciate the support.

In good news, amazingly, I got onto the maths course. This means, that when I pass the exam at the end of August (I can't even contemplate failing it) I will at last be qualified enough to take my PGCE.

Then I can get the hell out of here and they can all kiss my fat arse goodbye.


M. said...

I can't believe that it is legal for them to do that, without informing you or offering alternative work to maintain your hours.
But then again, work law is a complicated business and I'm no lawyer.

Pesk said...

Mmm, they did offer more, which on return I turned down. Working for the company psycho - a woman who is either screeching and jabbing her forefinger at me, or icily ignoring me. I don't need the cash that much, you know? (yes you do you liar, get a grip). I have a feeling that what I'll actually do, is resign, work the month out and then panic like hell. Panic always makes the universe hand over a new job I find.
Thanks for the comment M... x

tracey said...

Go in, do the hours they ask and try and find yourself something more structured. Easy for me to say, well no, it isn't, I know becasue I am doing similar myself. Only thing is, i cry most mornings before I go to work and spend most of the day working out how I can get finished early. I'm looking but the internet is the only medium I am using and it's not really paying off for me. Of course it could be lack of educationa dn my crap cv!
Don't let this get to you too much, you don't need the extra aggro. I'm not sure I can say much constructive except for you to go in and do what they want you to do. Whilst you abuse the possible use of print power and copy paper and get your cv out there.
Ok, we need to earn but we need our health fist and foremost and this is just going to dampen your spirits and make you feel down.
Good grief! I am no help at all am I?
I have hugs though? Hugs xx

Pesk said...

Thanks Tracey xxx

Tracey said...

Next time I comment on here, remind me to spell check will you. Perhaps my crappy typing skills are holding me back. When I said 'health fist' you know I meant health first, didn't you. Not sure what a health fist is but you could use it at work if the need arises!
Hugs to you Pesk. I'll drop you a lengthy e-mail tomorrow when work gets too much for me. That will be about 10 past 8! xxxxxx

Pesk said...

Health fist - I like it. I do work for the NHS you know, and a health fist is exactly what some managers need. I can offer the service, for free.