Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bonny Chats.

Laying in bed with my youngest I am forced to watch Tracey Beaker on the laptop. Not my idea of a Sunday lie in really.

Bonny - Isn't it a shame that fish don't have arms?
Pesk - Why would fish need arms? 
Bonny - They could carry things if they had arms. Like bunches of flowers. They could use their gills like pockets. (pause) Except then they'd drown. (pause) Can fish drown?

Pesk - Watch your programme. 

1 comment:

archiearchive said...

"can fish drown?"

I once asked my three year old (he will be 40 this year) "What is this?" pointing at a picture. "It is a hippopotamus. But I can't say that word." And he never did. Not until he went to school!

Kids - ya gotta luv 'em!