Monday, January 04, 2010


I lose 11lbs on a 4 week crab, lettuce and rice cracker crash, then shock of being snowed in from 18th -22nd December when I haven't done a SNIFF of Christmas shopping sent me barging, elbows akimbo to the kitchen in a biscuit frenzy which continues unabated. So, today, I decided to apply myself again, and trotted off dutifully at lunchtime to M&S. Sushi. Low fat yogurt and a wee box of sugarfree starwberry and cream chewies. Till manfunction followed by operator ineptitude saw me standing, ravenous, while the inept shopboy kept his furious finger on the help button, to no avail. So, i flung the food down and stalked out in a hissy fit across to the bakery where I purchased a sausage roll (large, yes I do want it hot) and three giant cookies for a quid. Marks and Spencer, you have made me fat. It is your fault.

Back to work this morning after a two week break, en route I had to stop at a collapse at the bus stop outside the job centre. Maybe a job had been advertised and the wee lass had collapsed from shock I thought, as I pulled the car up to help. Actually I didnt think that, what I thought was "please don't be dead, please don't be dying, please don't be dead, please don't be dying". She wasn't bless her, the ambulance turned up and I drove off to work late, but full of Nurse Gladys virtue, bosom a bustling. Crap day at work even without the M&S hissy,  best bud was still on holiday, the new build has been pulled last minute and everyone is morose and then my water tank cracked on the car due to me forgetting about antifreeze during the Worst For One Hundred Years Winter. It's booked in at the garage Thursday morning. More cash, bah.
So, the snow is still laying all around, though less deep crisp or even. More icy and relentless. The ground is full of snow beads, they look just like the polystyrene packing balls you get when you buy something fragile.
I'm fragile today.
Hope tomorrow brings Good Karma.

So... come on, help me out.


rockyh said...

You have a best bud at work?

Pesk said...

best bud in the place, yes... doesn't everyone?

rockyh said...

awwww i hope it's me!!

Pesk said...

course it is...