Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Don't Belize it

First day yesterday working at the fruit stall. Absolutely, totally, brilliant. Bagging up fruit and veg, breathing the fresh air, running back and forward with sacks of potatoes to customers cars as they pull into the layby. Everything sold is grown by the farmer that runs the stall, a lovely woman who ran off to Belize at 18 to attend an army training course, and still lives there each winter in a mad house with five street dogs. A woman with an MA in Latin American politics and geography, she is really good fun, and we nattered all day as hungarian fruit pickers traipsed backwards and forwards with fresh fruit punnets. The weather could be better, but you can't have it all I guess. Feels like I do at the moment. The beer festival at the weekend, the Fish + Fish friend + Fish daughter are visiting, and school is out for summer. Hurrah!


M. said...

Have to say it sounds like a lot of fun...

I've not been reading long; so Fish + Fish friend + Fish daughter visiting raises a smile; if, abet, a slightly confused one :-)

Have a good weekend

Marmite Breath said...

That sounds totally idyllic. I am jealous, just so you know.

Pesk said...

Mas - the Fish family are confusing, it's true enough. Enjoy your weeklend too!
Marmy - It is lovely there. But it's an island of tranquillity amongst an ocean of crap, don't be jealous x