Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I am rediscovering the magic of party shuffle while sitting here this morning. Better than daytime television. Well at least better than Jeremy Kyle, though yesterday's Phil and Fern gave me an unexpected Rupert Everett bonus, so I'm glad that I saved my scorn and didn't iTune 'til today.
I'm talking to the Fish about acupuncture, and party shuffle is flinging some marvellously unexpected treasures at me. As we scoff about homeopathy (definition - throw a bottle of Stolichnaya into the sea at Portsmouth and then fly to Manhattan Island , scoop up some water in a shot glass and expect to feel pissed), the 12" of Human League's Love Action beeps jollily at me. The thing about party shuffle, is that you hear things that you ordinarily wouldn't choose. I had been giving The Hours album a listen (not bad. Not brilliant, could improve with more listens) but Human League cheered me right up, despite me not liking it at the time. It is followed by the Cure's Cut Here, and Frank Black's Lone Child.
Someone told me once of a game that you can play with iTunes. Ask it a question and press shuffle, and the song is your answer. So, I think, how will the meeting go tomorrow? Answer - Death in Vegas' - Hands around my Throat.

Rubbish game.


Drew said...

Hmm, didn't you pooh pooh iTunes a few years ago!!!!

My favourite game is the 'How Cool Am I?' shuffle.

Start with a blank iPod. Press the shuffle button. The next song that plays shows how cool you are.

Here goes.

iPod ready.

"The Epic', by Marillion


Well, I am going to see the Pirates 3 film later so that's probably about right...

Pesk said...

Ah yes - ipods I'm not so keen on, and iTunes too, if I'm honest. It's just so... so RESOURCE hogging. I'm using it because I'm on eldest's pc, my laptop having gone to the great Comet in the sky. I can do that shuffle on there though, hang on, here we go...
How cool am I?

*presses shuffle*


Cuckoo, by I am Kloot.

M. said...

I'm not an iTunes user, more a winamp ... so ... shuffle on... how cool am I?

"Blue Blue Heart" by Bic Runga.

I guess if you're very cool, you turn a bit blue.
So that must be good
or something like that :-)


Pesk said...

winamp is loads better, youre right. iTunes is a hog. I think it's only on here because mac got stroppy and made it so that it was the only way you could upload songs onto an ipod, so she has to have it. It's a nanny as well isn't it? Winamp is a music player for the more independent I am certain. Plus it's smaller and cuter. iTunes marches all over the desktop taking up all the space with it's selfimportance. Ok I'll stop now. It's been a hard day, and I'm taking it out on software. Pathetic.

Drew said...


Well I am an iTunes and Mac fan. Get one!!!!

How cool currently?

Legend in my Living Room - Annie Lennox.

M. said...

Ah, software is an easy target - and a source of endless frustrations and "why can't this be better" ?

[how cool? : Pennyroyal tea, Nirvana... hmm... no idea!!! ]