Thursday, July 12, 2007

Strawberry Surprise.

I have another job! Oh yes, the universe provides indeed it does. The person that offered me the work seemed afraid to say it, lest I shriek "I beg your PARDON?!" No chance. I snapped her hand off. As of next Wednesday, I shall be working selling strawberries and raspberries at a stall by a farm, on the coast road. What larks. It pays me 15p an hour less than I earn at the hospital, with no hierarchical aggro. At least I hope not. I can wear jeans and a teeshirt and hopefully sunglasses as I wrap parcels of strawberries and read my beloved books between passing cars. Marvellous! I can't wait. I'd almost do it for free.

In other news, my ex husband has split from his partner of three years. The children are more concerned that she has taken the kitten which was theirs, back to Dudley than the fact that they won't see her again. We can't take the cat, can't possibly offer another feline sacrifice to the Dog. The cat we already have is clinging on for dear life as it is, spending more than half her life balancing precariously on top of bookshelves, lamps and cupboards as the whiskered woofing one stands guard waiting to grab her in the jaws of instant death. I must say though, I am very glad he has ditched the Pole Dancing Pikey, as my patience was wearing thin. Constantly blowing cigarette smoke out from between teeny, brown and sharp teeth, I marvelled that the man I used to love (ten lifetimes ago) could be happy with this asinine trout. Aaaaanyway. So, on the same day, he got evicted. This poses more of a problem, as we pretty much share custody. I shall now have to force the kids out of bed at 6.00am two days a week, and shall rarely get a weekend off unless I park him in the house whilst I go gallivanting*. He's over for dinner tonight. It starts already.

Bloody men. Still, strawberries! Yum.

* obviously, it's more of a problem for him than me. Just adding that, as anyone might think I'm totally without heart**.

** But then again...


Tracey said...

Gosh you make me laugh so much, not sure what was funniest, the pole dancing pikey or the poor cat hanging on for dear life!
The job sounds great Pesk! Good for you. It will be so stress free and I am green with envy. Myself, I am still tolerating hell on earth everyday and today just to add to my woes I get to try and arrange loads to france around bloody Bastille day! No wagons on the road from tonight until Monday morning! Joy.
Can you eat your fill too?
Well done!xxxx
Sorry the e-mail hasn't arrived, no excuses really, just too busy dwelling on my own stuff.

Flighty said...

I'm not keen on strawberries but I'd be tempted to eat a raspberry or two.
I presume that it's a second job as it must be seasonal work only!
Anyway good luck and enjoy yourself.

Marmite Breath said...


That is my dream job. Strawberries...Mmmmm.

Well, my second dream job, actually. My first dream job is Pole Dancing Pikey. :)

Pesk said...

Tracey - thanks.. I'm still doing a couple of days at the hospital, but this day replaces the office day that drove me potty. Hope you're ok chick?

Flighty - yes, second job. Hopefully by Sept I'll be fully qualified to take the PGCE. Hopefully anyway...

Marmy Breath - You'd have to get stingy sharp little fawn coloured teeth... ewwww....